Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NEW! Live album on Cleopatra Records Christian Death Halloween 1981

Here is another new Christian Death album released yesterday on Cleopatra Records with one of my photographs on the cover! Thanks for the opportunity Matt Green.  Rozz Williams and Rikk Agnew brewing up some amazing tunes. Limited edition purple vinyl reissue of the earliest known recording of this legendary gothic death rock band fronted by the inimitable Rozz Williams performing an entrancing live set on Halloween. See the link below

 Cleopatra Records release Christian Death Halloween 1981

                                     Cleopatra Records release Christian Death Halloween 1981


Mnemonic Devices

I'm going through more of my photos that I snapped of bands from way back and came across these images of the band Mnemonic Devices performing at the Cuckoos Nest or maybe it was the Concert Factory as it was known after the Cuckoos Nest...I cant remember. We saw them a few times performing and really enjoyed their use of the violin onstage.  Their album Playing on the Dark keys on Bemisbrain Records was always on the turntable......Bemisbrain Records also put out the GREAT Hell comes to your house album which introduced me to Christian Death and the Super Heroines.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Photomontage some new ones

Standing in the dirt, grounded.
 The starless sky betrays light beyond the frenzy of wings that circle and dive
Photomontage 7 pieces and some pencil make up this image

                                  The moat is deep and brims with all the fears you bring to it
                                                     Photomontage 9 pieces make up this image
                                           Photomontage 5 pieces make up this image

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

David Sylvian ~ Ancient Evening 1985

Jennifer and I saw him in concert 27 years ago during the In Praise of Shamans tour definitely one of the best 20 shows ever.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Photomontage at the begining of summer

And one final photomontage that has 20 separate pieces making up this image. It's 14" x 13"

Thursday, July 2, 2015

unfinished collage 16 pieces scissors/x-acto-gluestick-magazines

11x 14 .........Trying to exploit every inch of this ...........don't want to overwork it!
probably about 4 hours of work and 25 magazines and 16 separate pieces make up this image


all together now