Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Collages in Progress

Busy on these collages, works in progress. Im using some of my photographs in a few of the collages and combined with images from other sources. Painting the backgrounds black and adding soft pencils and colored pencils for a hint of color.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christian Death

A couple of photos I took of the band Christian Death in 1982 at Godzillas with the original lineup
Rozz Williams, Rick Agnew, James McGearty, George Belanger
The vinyl, Hell Comes to Your House which had Christian Deaths's song Dogs  and Christian Deaths first LP Only Theatre of Pain were always on the turntable.
I thought they were great band live, at the begining of a show at the Whiskey that we saw Christian Death performing at there was dramatic lighting, I believe candles and they brought rozz out in a shroud while the band was playing slowly, as the music got louder and faster they ripped open the fabric and out spilled roses or flowers and roz... he grabbed the mic and launched into song..pretty dramatic and cool to see live.
kinda like Bauhaus when they played the Roxy in 82' loud, dramatic and atmospheric..


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