Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cardboard sculptures by Ann Weber



Saw these the other day and I think they are so cool. She was working in ceramics for years then turned around and started using cardboard because of its lightweight quality. She states that cardboard is less cumbersome and the process of creating a finished piece is not as complicated as clay.

Kind of reminds me of some of  Isamu Noguchi early sculptures.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sean Collins Memorial

I went down to my local the Huntington Beach Pier to take part in the memorial service and paddle out for Sean Collins. I saw a lot of local surfers that I know from surfing here for 34 years coming down to the shore to honor Sean. The surf had been large for the past 2 days and the paddle out would have been a different scenario if they held this memorial when it was originally scheduled. Thankfully. with the help of seans brainchild, Surfline, they were able to forecast the swell and planned the event accordingly allowing more people to take part in the paddle out.


Copy of IMG_6362

Copy (2) of IMG_6376

Aaron Pai speaking to the crowd. There were a number of wonderful speeches and reminiscing by people close to Sean Collins.


Copy of IMG_6392

The procession out on the the south side of the pier.

Copy of IMG_6397

Peter Townend  one of many locals on his way out to honor sean.

Copy of IMG_6409

The circle was HUGE with a lot of surfers taking part in honoring one of their own.  The participants roaring and the banging of their hands on their boards was loud enough to hear from far away.  Definitely a wonderful moment.

RIP sean.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday with some swell


There is some new swell on the coast so I went to check a few places this morning with a friend and found some very crowded lineups!



there was one place however that had only 2 guys out and was pretty darn good.


if you could get past the layers of lines



scoring some when you can weave between the lines..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Flesh Eaters

Heres another photo from my archives… Chris Desjardines of the Flesh Eaters letting loose into the microphone at Godzillas 1982. Their album No Questions asked was a favorite of mine.


all together now