Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Newfangled Collage.......Using the the house as a metaphor for self

I've recently completed three collages that make use of the idea that the house is a reflection of the self. They are settings for the ordinary and extraordinary dramas of our existence, it is where these extremes come together and create a unique space.  Generally we consider the geographical area, environment, size and shape, the layout of the habitat before we decide to settle and occupy a house. We call the space we live in our home, a private space that reflects our ideals and souls. These homes provide protection from the elements, we have babies there, we grow up there, we laugh ,cry scream, we get sick there, and sometimes we die there.  We start to believe that our home is the center of the universe, but the house, like ourselves is transitory, it ages and needs repairing and after awhile disintegrates or is torn down to make way for new homes.   They say that our eyes are windows to the soul,  the windows of our homes that separate our private space from the public space act like magnifying glasses bringing into view the dark night of the soul.  I used 10 separate pieces for this image and some pencil drawing.

I like this one with the persons legs under the desk and building/house, it reminds me of the presence of whatever you might call God or Buddha or the Tao it also reminds me of the Wizard in Wizard of Oz. Its a house within a room of a house or our galaxy within the universe.

The text I wrote:  The narrow path that ambles between the border of night and day becoming a straight white line that I imagine dissipates with our final exhale.

This one I'm still working on.... the eyes dangling are windows or witnesses to someone desperately trying to hold onto what they believe to be their reality. Soon to be part of a river where one enters and exits a different person.... it flows eternally. I used 10 separate pieces for this one and some acrylic paint and ball point pen.
The text I wrote: On a journey for revelation I discovered traveling cant deliver you.. that horizon that appears simple and straight is as deceiving as any prophet.

This one is not complete yet tentatively titled Spirit house. I used 12 separate pieces for this and some felt tip pens and white pen.

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