Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Guest Speaker at Art Class Huntington Beach High School

I was stoked to be asked by Matt Harward,  Art Teacher at Huntington Beach High School, to speak to a few of his art classes about my artwork and my approach in creating the assemblages that I build. Matts classrooms are chock full of materials, artwork, books, tools and computers to assist the art students in the creative process.  Kinda looks like the area I work at home so I told the kids that thier classroom is an excellent space to create and is exactly what an artists workspace looks like!  It appears to me that matt strives to create an environment of creativity and learning that enables one to feel comfortable in expressing themselves.  
I brought in to class a few of my own assemblages to show as examples as well as tools I use and adhesives to assist in putting the pieces together. I also brought box of common objects that I use in creating assemblage just to give the students an idea of what one artist uses to create a visual language.  I discussed my working method, how I get ideas to make art,  objects I use and how I use them and how I put it all together, the nuts and bolts of constructing an assemblage. I was really impressed with some of students attitudes and questions about assemblage and about my own work.
Thanks for asking me to hang out and talk art matt!
Matt has his own website  
check it out when you have a chance
Photo by Matt Harward

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