Hmmm...Wind and Tide

Hmmm...Wind and Tide


Hmmm.....Wind and Tide

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

new collages

These are some new collages im working on, continuing on with appropriating images and incorporating some of my own imagery into them. Im creating these images the old fashioned way with a pair of small scissors, a glue stick and a ton of books, magazines, my own images, advertising brocures, old letters written years ago to loved ones that I buy at the swap meet, sometimes these old letters inspire an image. I think they are a great creative tool. Prior to these examples of collages I was working on cabinet photos, bought at the swap meet, painting on them and adding a few small additions to twist the original. Now im having fun incorporating the images, bought at the swap meet, into collages that are generally about 8"x10" allowing me more freedom to combine a variety of images from different sources and tweek them to make something different.  Im going through tons of old books and magazines to get snippets of images and bring them together.  I was inspired by a friend Rob Slater who uses digital media to create his collages. Here is his site
Vanishing Twin


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